Neighbourhood Stakeholder Networks

CREW facilitates local neighbourhood connections among the widest variety of stakeholders: community groups, residents, business, faith groups, libraries and more.

CREW is currently piloting its Neighbourhood Stakeholder Network in Ward 13.

Because we know that Toronto’s weather will become even more extreme, CREW is trying out different ways of creating community resilience at the grassroots level. We’re learning how we can connect to each other in simple ways because those relationships are crucial in the first few days of an emergency.

CREW Extreme Weather Network

  • Identify a community focus point.
  • Map potential stakeholders in a 1.5 radius scan around the focus.
  • Ask stakeholders to participate in a Neighbourhood Stakeholder Network.
  • The network need only share its contact details with its members.
  • The network will be able to share emergency and weather information among its members.
  • The network will make itself active in the case of an extreme event such as the 2013 ice storm.
  • When active, network members will share their neighbourhood knowledge and expertise.
  • The network will provide local communication hubs if communications systems are down.
  • Toronto’s Office of Emergency Management and the City Councillor will be advised.