NEW! Resilientville Canada. Resilientville Canada is a role-playing exercise that advances participant awareness of the short and long term benefits of problem solving at the neighbourhood level. Click the Resilientville tab to read more.

Click here to read the results of The Lighthouse Project's year long pilot project: Building a neightbourhood-based urban climate adaption infrastructure; a case study.

Other News

Filmmaker Gregory Greene asked Lidia Ferreira if he could make a short video about her work with FCG, CREW and the Lighthouse Project in Toronto’s St. James Town. Supported by a small grant from Toronto’s Resilience Office he worked with Lidia to identify local issues around climate change adaptation and building community resilience. Then everything changed. A six-alarm electrical fire in one of the St. James Town apartment towers led to a mass evacuation and a host of difficult challenges for all of its residents. The fire gave Greene his story which is told by a fire survivor, a community leader and a resident activist. Check out the video:

The Lighthouse Project. - a pilot that explores the potential of Community Climate Resilience Hubs in three GTA cities

Check out our project - story maps for ward 4. We would love to hear what you think, write us at thecrew@crewtoronto.ca

Toronto’s weather is becoming more extreme. We need to be climate ready!

CREW is a community organization that supports Toronto residents and communities as they organize to help themselves and each other during extreme weather events.

Our goal is to create a city-wide network of resilient communities.

To get there, we are exploring various methods in creating community resilience at the grassroots level. We’re learning about how we can connect to each other in simple and meaningful ways, as these relationships prove to be crucial in the first few days of an emergency.

Here’s what CREW can do in your building or neighbourhood:

  • Show you what the future weather projections are for Toronto and why they’re going to change the way we live.
  • Help you prepare yourself and your family for the first 72 hours of a weather emergency.
  • Help you to identify your vulnerable neighbours and make plans to check on them during a weather emergency.

We need your help to make Toronto climate ready.